«Мы воюем не ради конкретного народа, а ради человечества», — говорит командир женского отряда курдских сил самообороны, занявшего позиции на окраине Ракки. Наряду с солдатами армии правительства Сирии против «Исламского государства» сражаются курды, бойцы Сирийской свободной армии, других группировок, немало добровольцев из Европы. Этот фильм — о людях, которые участвуют в боях, лечат раненых и вообще делают всё, что могут, чтобы избавить мир от бесчеловечного режима. В кадре курдские бойцы, иностранные добровольцы и врачи. Фильм снят каналом Russia Today, которые западные СМИ называют пропагандистки:

The road to ISIS’ self-proclaimed capital, Raqqa, has been long and hard. The battle rages in the suburbs of the Syrian city. Improvised explosive devices, suicide bombers, sniper fire and grenade-dropping drones have been deployed by the surrounded terrorists. This film features the stories of fighters in the Kurdish People Protection Units (YPG), as well as European volunteers who joined them. There are also stories of military hospital staff. Dr. Akhiv, a veteran military doctor considers his work a “sacred calling.” Adham, a frontline nurse, joined the field hospital after his brother was killed fighting ISIS. Sema, a Kurdish female commander, left her family to join the fight.

“We’re not fighting for a certain nation. Humanity is what we’re fighting for,” she says. Some Europeans have joined the YPG as volunteers. Rosa left a mundane life in Sweden to fight for women’s rights in Syria. Robin, a volunteer from Germany, got sick of hearing how “someone should do something about” ISIS after every terrorist attack in Europe. He left his girlfriend and a comfortable life to do something about them himself. The film was shot by the channel Russia Today, which the Western media call propagandistic: